Visit 1

Visit 1


Guided tour by bus to Vicopisano.

The visit will last about three hours

Meeting point: (Punto ritrovo pullman)

Departure: 08:45

Estimated return time: 13:30

Equipment: comfortable shoes and clothing

It is necessary to have the accepted registration. Places are limited.

Vicopisano, a medieval village of probable Etruscan origin, rises at the foot of Monte Pisano, where the Seressa flows into the Arno. For centuries it was at the centre of communications and exchanges between Pisa, Lucca and Florence, thanks to the river routes and the watchtowers located on the surrounding promontories, and for this reason it was disputed and fortified several times. The last and perhaps most famous fortification witnessed the intervention of Filippo Brunelleschi at the top of the hill following the Florentine conquest in the 15th century, for the construction of the so-called “Rocca Nuova” and the wall walk to the Torre del Soccorso.

The scheduled visit will include a guided tour starting from the Romanesque parish church of Santa Maria and San Giovanni Battista, then it will flank the ancient walls and allow access to the Torre del Soccorso, the wall walk and the Rocca, followed by an itinerary through the streets of the village.

Photo by Guglielmo Giambartolomei