Topic 1. Historical research. Historical Cartography. Archives. Treatises. Construction history. Biographies (Duke of Maqueda, Antonelli, Vespasiano Gonzaga, Acuña, Hayreddin Barbarossa Escrivá, los Fratin, Cermeño…).

Topic 2. Theoretical concepts. Military Engineering. Defence System in the Modern Age. New concepts. New forms of defence. Creating shields”. Artillery. Utopian projects.

Topic 3. Research on Built Heritage. Architectural Heritage. Study, knowledge, dissemination. Castles, towers, and fortifications. Mainteinance and Conservation of Architectural Heritage.

Topic 4. Characterization of geomaterials. Mineral-petrographic, geochemical and physical analysis. Study of the alteration processes. Historical and conservative archaeometric investigations. Operative proposals for restoration interventions. Relationships between physical-technical properties of construction materials and their use: differences and similarities in the Mediterranean.

Topic 5. Digital Heritage. Digital survey through active and passive systems, from 3D laser scanner to photogrammetry. Advanced 3D modelling techniques. Advances in graphical representation. Digital reconstructions. Virtual reality and augmented reality.

Topic 6. Culture and Management. Interpretation and enhancement. Fortified heritage and citizen identity. Management of castles, towers, and fortresses. Participatory management systems. Management and cultural tourism.

Topic 7. Miscellany. Other topics not included above, but compliant to the main topic of the Conference.